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German culture and cuisine provide the ambient sound and delectable texture for our rich conversation. One can often tell the time of year in Germany by the food in season or the lively celebrations that brighten the festive atmosphere of towns and cities. The subtle and fun ways that culture and cuisine can add to the flavor of our journey can be quite surprising. For instance, who can get excited over asparagus? April marks the beginning of Spargelzeit! (Asparagus season!)  


Only a journey to Germany during Spargelzeit! and your experience of this white variety of an otherwise familiar vegetable can confirm why Germans are excited enough about "white gold" or "vegetable of royalty" to consume 70,000 tons of white asparagus while only producing 60,000 tons of this delectable treat. Spargelzeit! yields to strawberry season in June. For years, fresh strawberries have been picked and delivered daily to the hotel where you will stay with your fellow travelers.


In May, German fields are covered in bright, beautiful, yellow flowers as far as the eye can see. As beautiful as the fields are during the season when they are adorned in yellow, the crop, rapeseed, provides the raw material for a rather commonplace product: canola oil. In September, the air can be a crisp and cool enhancement to your enjoyment of Thüringer sausage and Lutheran Tea. The onion festival in October offers an experience as delightful as it is curious. Of course, nothing can surpass the sights, sounds, and smells of German Christmas markets in December. 

No matter what time of year you travel, culture and cuisine are sure to heighten the experience of our conversation. German climate and weather also offer a changing, and sometimes a dramatic and beautiful, context for our conversation. Whether the sun is shining on a beautiful spring day or the snow begins to fall in a Christmas market, climate and weather are sure to enhance your journey in remarkable ways. 


The essential backdrop for our conversation, however, will always be the presence of history.

The religious, social, political, and cultural events and ideas of the early sixteenth century remain as fascinating as they are relevant today. Our invitation to conversation... ...in Germany journeys offer a unique opportunity to engage questions of who we are in the present in light of our past through meaningful, enriching, and fun conversation. Our groups of fellow travelers are small. We stay in one beautiful base location for most our your journey offering a flexible and relaxed opportunity to become intimately familiar with German culture. You will be guided by an expert in early sixteenth century German history dedicated to empowering your discernment of the contemporary relevance of the ideas and events of the Reformation. Our invitation to conversation offers an enjoyable, intellectually fruitful, and spiritually enriching conversation in Germany.

Scroll down to see some of the images of the seasons in Germany that will illustrate how our conversation will be enhanced by culture, cuisine, climate, and weather. You will also find links below that will help you learn more of what you can expect to see when you accept our Invitation to Conversation... ...in Germany.

Experiencing the Balance
Experiencing the Balance

Fellow travelers at the Wartburg
Fellow travelers at the Wartburg

Worship at the Luther Stone
Worship at the Luther Stone

Each group of fellow travelers develops a group personality. This group of fellow travelers chose to worship at the place that marks where Martin Luther was famously caught in a thunderstorm and prayed to St. Anne and promised to become a monk in 1505.

Experiencing the Balance
Experiencing the Balance

Weather in Germany

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An Atypical Day

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