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Some pages on this site, such as the blogs and those reserved for fellow travelers on trips who have accepted an "Invitation to Conversation... Germany" are reserved for our community of members only. The blogs offer opportunity to comment and engage other members of our community in conversation. There are members only pages that communicate information regarding trips to Germany which are reserved for fellow travelers on specific trips. A Fellow Travelers Forum puts members in touch with one another who are preparing to travel to Germany on a trip administered by Malone Clan Expeditions, LLC. The Fellow Travelers Forum remains open to members who have traveled to Germany with one of our small groups as an opportunity to continue their conversation by sharing their memories and experiences with others anticipating this unique experience. 

We offer a wealth of information free to those interested in engaging others in conversation or exploring what being Lutheran means today given the continued relevance of the events and ideas that emerged 500 years ago in the age of European reformations.


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