Explore a Conversation with Fellow Travelers...

...in Germany

To the extent we think of the Reformation today, we may be tempted to regard the complex cultural, social, political and religious change that emerged from this long past event as part of a distant, largely irrelevant world to which we can no longer relate. Albeit submerged deep in our consciousness or seldom expressed explicitly, our identity in the present has been formed, molded and shaped by historically distant events and ideas in ways that call us to better understand ourselves in light of our past. Especially, for those who self-identify as Lutheran, this is most certainly true

Explore a Conversation with Fellow Travelers...

...in Germany

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Accepting our invitation means to join us as a fellow traveler on a journey and conversation stimulated by history, religious ideas, culture and cuisine. Our purposeful travel to Germany seeks to enjoy the ultimate experience in exploring how the events and ideas that emerged 500 years ago continue as an indelible mark on our identity today. As exciting as immersing oneself visually, intellectually and virtually in the words and images that remind us of the ongoing political, social, cultural, intellectual, and religious relevance of the Reformation, there can be nothing quite like actually traveling to Germany. A journey with a small cohort of 12-24 fellow travelers promises to enrich your experience of the past as a means of exploring who we are in the present.  


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Our mission grew out of our story. Our expedition, Invitation to Conversation... ...in Germany, began as a phrase coined by our proprietor intended to offer a fresh perspective and more accurate description of the early sixteenth century reformer, Martin Luther, in his publication of the 95 Theses more than 500 years ago in 1517.

Events and ideas that followed the presentation of the 95 Theses have long been taken by people all over the world to be historically significant enough to their identity that they recognize themselves and others as Lutheran. For many Lutherans, however, the relevance of ideas and events that unfolded more than 500 years ago has either faded into distant memories of childhood religious instruction or dwells on a level of their subconscious as presupposition. We created our Invitation to Conversation...  ...in Germany, to be a fascinating , fun, rich conversation among fellow travelers for the purpose of exploring who we are in the present in light of our past.

In 2017, Malone Clan Expeditions, LLC began leading small cohorts of fellow travelers to Germany. These purposeful journeys empowered small cohorts of 12-24 fellow travelers to explore what living 500 years after the European age of reformations means for those with diverse backgrounds and varying levels of expertise. Fellow travelers joined us who seemed to have forgotten virtually everything they once knew about the Reformation. Others who are quite knowledgeable in Reformation history, and still others with no Lutheran background at all, joined us in Germany. We created our Invitation to Conversation... ...in Germany expedition to engage people and draw them into conversation whatever their background or confessional commitment.

Our established Invitation to Conversation... ...in Germany expedition promises to remain a thriving expression of our mission as we anticipate many more fellow travelers will accept our invitation to embark on a fascinating purposeful journey to Germany in the coming years. We also invite you to consider engaging with us to find mutually agreeable dates for extending your own Invitation to Conversation... ...in Germany just for your congregation or organization.


You may accept our Invitation to Conversation... ...in Germany on a date of one of our upcoming journeys. We will also work with you to find mutually agreeable dates for extending your own Invitation to Conversation... ...in Germany. Our Beautiful Trip to Chicago offers an example of the third opportunity for working with us to develop an expedition that will be come your journey. If you believe you can form a cohort of 12-24 fellow travelers, we are interested in discussing the creation of a fully customized expedition for you and a group of your fellow travelers. Whether your interest is in a journey based on our established Invitation to Conversation... ...in Germany expedition, or a journey developed for you as a completely customized expedition like our Beautiful Trip to Chicago, Malone Clan Expeditions, LLC stands ready to make our expedition your journey.

An expedition signifies travel for some specific purpose or  mission. We create expeditions with the objective that many journeys will follow. Our concept of a journey emphasizes movement of a group, or for us, usually a cohort of 12-24 fellow travelers, who journey from one place to another for a significant duration. At Malone Clan Expeditions, LLC, we take this nuanced distinction between an expedition and a journey to be an essential expression of our identity.

Expeditions like our Invitation to Conversation… ...in Germany are conceived as elaborate, pleasing and well choreographed expressions of our mission intended to be a memorable, and even, we hope, life changing experience for everyone who eventually becomes a member of a journey. To create an expedition, for us, means to meticulously conceptualize, plan, and research the purpose and details of all future journeys. We hope our Invitation to Conversation…  expedition will now become your journey

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Invitation to Conversation... ...in Germany

An invitation to "grab a cup of coffee," on some level, extends an invitation to conversation. An Invitation to Conversation... ...in Germany offers an invitation to a journey and conversation that explores who we are in the present in light of our distant past. We desire that our expedition become your journey.

We created our Invitation to Conversation... ...in Germany expedition to become your journey and conversation in Germany stimulated by history, religious ideas, culture and cuisine that explores what living 500 years after the Reformation means for us today. We developed our expedition to provide flexibility that intentionally seeks of balance stimulating daily excursions, serious reflection, and fascinating German culture & cuisine. To learn more about an overview of what might become your journey, to apply to travel, or if you have been accepted as a fellow traveler on a journey to embark in September 2018 or April 2019, please click on the appropriate button below.

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Invitation to Conversation... ...in Germany

If you believe you can form a cohort of 12-24 fellow travelers from among your congregation, ministry, organization, or group, Malone Clan Expeditions, LLC would love to discuss extending your own Invitation to Conversation... ...in Germany. There is never a risk or obligation to you, your congregation, ministry, organization, or group to explore the feasibility of a journey of your own fellow travelers. Once we determine your journey will likely be viable, we will work with you to find mutually agreeable custom dates for your own Invitation to Conversation... ...in Germany. Click on the button below to begin exploring the possibility of your own invitation.

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We cordially offer three ways to work with you, your congregation, ministry, organization, or group. First, you can become a fellow traveler on dates we announce for an Invitation to Conversation... ...in Germany. Second, we will explore the viability of extending your own Invitation to Conversation... ...in Germany. Third, if we agree that you can form a cohort of 12-24 fellow travelers from among your congregation, ministry, organization or group, we would love to explore the possibility of creating a custom expedition that will become your unique journey. Click on the button below to take the first step toward creating your own journey.

Journeys Past

Invitation to Conversation... ...in Germany

On the occasion of the 500th Anniversary of the 95 Theses, in 2017, Team 500 trips to Germany were created in partnership with the Central States Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Team 500 trips were developed to be purposeful journeys rather than merely sighting trips or as a pro forma exercise in walking in the footsteps of Martin Luther.

On some level, an invitation of a friend to "grab a cup of coffee" is more literally an invitation to conversation. Team 500 journeys to Germany were entitled “Invitation to Conversation... …in Germany” to convey how travelers to Germany in 2017 might explore what being Lutheran means 500 years after the Reformation in the hope all who embarked on these journeys might be inspired through conversation in Germany toward a deeper witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ as Lutherans.  The buttons below are links to pages for those who were among a cohort of fellow travelers in 2017 on a Team 500 Invitation to Conversation... ...in Germany.

A Beautiful Trip to Chicago

In January 2018, members of St. Mark Lutheran Church - Cape Girardeau, Missouri embarked on a Beautiful Trip to Chicago to celebrate the achievements of Sarah Goeke, daughter of Lori Shafer and Chris Goeke. Like many children who grew up at St. Mark, Sarah has gone on to great success. Unlike the wonderful achievements of other children, we were blessed with the unique opportunity to enjoy Sarah onstage in Chicago performing as Cynthia Weil as a member of a national off-Broadway touring company of Beautiful – The Carole King Musical. The trip promised to be a celebration of the children of St. Mark, the relationship members of St. Mark have long enjoyed with each other, and the opportunity to invite others into fellowship with the congregation. In every way, the journey fulfilled the promise to be a beautiful celebration. Fellow travelers on A Beautiful Trip to Chicago are invited to click on the button below: