Invitation to Conversation

An Atypical Day

Our daily itinerary will seek balance between providing enough structure to foster a meaningful, substantive experience and enough free time to process and enjoy your experience. While our days in Germany will provide enough routine to feel settled, our days will be atypical with respect to your daily life at home. As intellectually and spiritually stimulating as our days and conversation will be, we will also engage in some activities intended to be just plain fun.

Travel Time
Until 8:30

Breakfast will be at your leisure and as provided by the hotel. 


We will gather for a morning briefing "morgankurz" where you will hear about the historical significance and contemporary relevance of the place we will visit that day. The "morgankurz" will usually be very short; allowing time for questions and one last trip to your room, if necessary.


The travel to our site each day will vary from 12 minutes to about two hours on the day we visit Lutherstadt-Wittenberg. For more information on the distance and time we will travel each day see the Sample Itinerary.

Site Visit

Our visit will usually take less than two hours with a couple of  notable exceptions. On most days there will be plenty of time to relax after a site tour. 

Leisurely Lunch

Actual times and the places we will eat lunch will vary, but a leisurely lunch means a couple of hours to enjoy lunch, relax and explore a city center on your own. As appropriate to our daily excursion, occasionally you may want to enjoy the picnic lunch the hotel offers at a nominal cost.

Return to Hotel

For actual travel times back to the hotel, see the Sample Itinerary.

Leisure Time

Our arrival time back at the hotel will vary based on the length of our daily excursion and driving time. There will be exceptions, but on most days we will endeavor to arrive back at the hotel in time for you to relax, take a nap, engage in leisurely conversation or shop before dinner.


We do hope you never feel as if you are experiencing a regimented schedule. Reasonable flexibility will be built into your journey wherever possible. Dinner will usually begin around 5:30 PM. Dinners in Europe are casual affairs to be savored at a leisurely pace. Sometimes dinner will take longer to enjoy on some evenings than on others. Our dinner together will present rich opportunities to experience German culture through cuisine in a variety of memorable settings while offering an ambiance to enhance our conversation.


You may remember learning more about Tischreden or Table Talks with reference to Martin Luther. Each night of our time in Germany we will have access to the Rasputin Keller to enjoy and engage one another in conversation around what we have seen and experienced together that day.  For those who desire, we can choose where we would like to gather for more conversation or one last Lutheran Tea or a sip from Luther's ink well. At the end of the long day, you just may be exhausted and want nothing more than to retire to your luxurious room. That will be fine even though we will miss your company. Although, you may also realize that you are tired,  but that your time in Germany will be very short so you choose to join us anyway. Depending on the season of your journey, you may decide to enjoy a concert or other festive activity. The choice and flexibility will be all yours.


Our days will close together in quiet reflection filled with thankfulness for all that we experienced together.