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All "Invitation to Conversation... ...in Germany" trips are administered under Malone Clan Expeditions, LLC. You are invited to learn more about this company and upcoming trips.

Consider Extending Your Own Invitation

Whether you are a pastor, ministry site leader, or an enthusiastic member of a congregation with a desire to explore your Lutheran identity in Germany, here is your opportunity to explore extending an invitation to conversation... ...in Germany.

Please accept our invitation to conversation

Please accept our invitation to conversation by joining invitationtocoversation.org. Whether or not you are ready to physically travel to Germany, you will find resources here to empower and enhance your engagement in conversation with others around the ongoing relevance of the Reformation. The resources here are also offered to augment and deepen personal introspection. From blogs to language resources, and the experience of a virtual visit to Germany by visiting our gallery, you will find resources to equip you in exploring what being Lutheran means 500 years after the Reformation in your own reflection and in conversation with others. Please accept the invitation to conversation by clicking the link below and becoming a member of invitationtoconversation.org 

Explore an Invitation to Conversation...

...in Germany

Opportunities abound for group travel to Germany. Of course, you can do your own research and book your own trip. Large group tours are convenient, very tightly choreographed, and highly organized. However you decide to travel, we hope you will visit Germany; especially if you are a Lutheran.


The religious, political, societal events and ideas of the early sixteenth century remain as fascinating as they are relevant today. Our invitation to conversation... ...in Germany trips offer a unique opportunity to engage in meaningful, enriching, and fun conversation. Our groups are small. We stay in one location offering a flexible and relaxed experience. You will be guided by an expert in early sixteenth century German history dedicated to empowering your discernment of the contemporary relevance of the ideas and events of the Reformation. Our invitation is to an enjoyable, intellectually fruitful, and spiritually enriching extended conversation in Germany.