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Ideas and Information

There are literally thousands of websites on the Internet teeming with information about every aspect of German life past and present. The links to the sites, videos and documents below are provided as gateways to a wealth of information offered to travelers either preparing for a journey as a fellow traveler to Germany or returning from a journey with a desire to increase their knowledge of what they experienced while in Germany.

Clicking on each graphic below will transport you on a virtual journey by taking you to another location on the Internet, offer an opportunity to play a video, or open a document that you may use for your own reflection. These resources are provided to enhance and enrich your conversation as a participant on a purposeful journey. Most of all, these sites are selected with fellow travelers in mind who accept an Invitation to Conversation... Germany. Until you can experience the power of your presence in Germany, these resources offer a unique opportunity to reflect upon your journey. Enjoy your virtual journey by clicking on any of the graphics below. Prost!


Clicking on the graphic above will transport you to the website maintained by the federal government of Germany for the purpose of promoting as a travel destination. On this site, you will find multiple links to other exciting destinations in Germany.


Your Invitation to Conversation... Germany journeys  based in beautiful Thuringia. Click on the graphic above to learn more.


Click on the graphic above that links to the Deutsche Welle YouTube channel with videos about Weimar, Germany which provides the beautiful base location for your Invitation to Conversation... journey to Germany.

Culinary Germany

Any journey to Germany is sure to be enhanced by your experience of culture & cuisine. This platter of locally produced German "BBQ" was presented to a cohort of fellow travelers by Eringsdorfer Brauerei on an Invitation to Conversation... Germany journey. Click on the image below to explore how German culture & cuisine has the power enhance your journey to Germany.


You will find a Viba Chocolate store just steps from the entrance to your hotel on an Invitation to Conversation... journey. Click on the graphic above to whet your appetite for the chocolate produced by this Thuringian chocolatier since 1893 . Yummo!


The backgrounds of travelers on an Invitation to Conversation... Germany journey can vary significantly even within a cohort. Malone Clan Expeditions, LLC desires you are confident that whether you are an individual traveler on a journey, or a prospective cohort considering the possibility of extending your own Invitation to Conversation... we maintain a deep and abiding respect for the confessional commitments of all travelers. 

Since 1908, the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity has invited the Christian community throughout the world to pray together the prayer offered by Jesus, "that they all may be one." John 17:21 On January 22, 2017, as a culmination of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, a prayer service held at St. Justin Martyr Catholic Church marked the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Archbishop Robert J. Carlson presided. Lutheran Central States Synod ecumenical officer, Rev. S. Michael Malone delivered the reflection on this occasion which is offered as evidence of the respect for the confessional commitment afforded to all travelers. The thoughtful reflection delivered on this occasion is available by clicking the above graphic.

Contemporary Relevance

Clicking on the graphic above will take you to an article that appeared in the Living Lutheran on October 13, 2017. The article is entitled, Reformation 500: 50 Ways the Reformation Still Impacts Pastor. The proprietor of Malone Clan Expeditions, LLC, Mike Malone, offers a contribution to the article that offers some insight to the perspective he will bring to your Invitation to Conversation.. journey to Germany.

A Global Perspective

The image above depicts Martin Luther as the subject of a public anatomy in a 1567 woodcut archived at the Veste Coburg. The image above links to a document which promoted a public lecture sponsored by the Department of History at Southeast Missouri State University. The proprietor of Malone Clan Expeditions, LLC delivered this public lecture on the eve of the 500th anniversary of the presentation of the 95 Theses by Martin Luther. 

The Invitation to Conversation... Germany was first conceived by Malone Clan Expeditions, LLC to be an elaborate, pleasing and well choreographed expedition; meticulously designed for cohorts of 12-24 fellow travelers. The Invitation to Conversation... Germany also forms a narrative, tells a story. The figures that surround Luther are well known participants in the European age of reformations. Travelers who know the familiar or once dominant narrative of the Reformation will likely recognize many of the figures depicted in this woodcut as part of that well known story. Viewed from a different vantage point, this woodcut can be help us more fully for understand who we are today in light of our past from a global perspective.