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On some level, an invitation of a friend to "grab a cup of coffee" is actually an invitation to conversation. In 1517, Martin Luther presented 95 Theses as an invitation to conversation; a difficult, strident conversation, perhaps, but a conversation nevertheless. We believe the events and ideas that unfolded in the early sixteenth century to which Luther is so indelibly connected, remain relevant to who we are today.  After all, millions of people around the world continue to recognize themselves and others as Lutheran. Please consider this your invitation to conversation in Germany to explore what living more than 500 years after the Reformation means for you.​

Journeys are led by an expert in early modern European history who focuses his research on the changing ways of knowing a world growing increasingly complex through global interactions at the turn of the sixteenth century. Your guide will be available for as much deep conversation you desire or space for your own reflection. Your time in Germany will seek a balance of time for serious reflection, German cultural experiences, and just plain fun. We extend our invitation to conversation... ...in Germany as our carefully planned expedition for your purposeful journey as part of your quest for life long learning.

Consider Extending Your Own
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Extending your own special Invitation to Conversation... ...in Germany can be as simple as determining that you have enough people for a viable trip​ and finding mutually agreed upon travel dates. Contact us and we will discuss the feasibility of offering your own special invitation to conversation. 

You may decide that you have enough people in your congregation, organization or group to extend your own Invitation to Conversation... ...in Germany. The reasons to do so can be many and varied. Perhaps, the dates of journeys planned for 2018 simply do not work for you and other prospective travelers. Maybe you know another pastor or congregation leader with whom you would like to partner in offering a journey together and believe you will have enough fellow travelers to do so. It could be the case that you are part of an informally affiliated group of colleagues or friends, or you have a large enough family to extend your own Invitation to Conversation...  ...in Germany. Maybe you have a capital improvement project in mind and want to consider extending your own Invitation to Conversation... as a fundraiser. Whatever your reasons, we would be delighted to discuss your own Invitation to Conversation..

Please accept our invitation to conversation

Please accept our invitation to conversation by joining invitationtocoversation.org. Whether or not you are ready to physically travel to Germany, you will find resources here to empower and enhance your engagement in conversation with others around the ongoing relevance of the Reformation. The resources here are also offered to augment and deepen personal introspection. From blogs to language resources, and the experience of a virtual visit to Germany by visiting our gallery, you will find resources to equip you in exploring what being Lutheran means 500 years after the Reformation in your own reflection and in conversation with others. Please accept the invitation to conversation by clicking the link below and becoming a member of invitationtoconversation.org