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April 23 - May 3, 2019
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An Invitation to Conversation

Malone Clan Expeditions, llc presents...

Invitation to conversation

invitation to conversation schlosskirche

conversation... Germany

Malone Clan Expeditions, LLC has developed this site for people either considering or preparing for a journey to Germany. Here you will find in-depth information about our Invitation to Conversation... Germany as well as a wide variety of information from German climate and weather to cuisine and culture. You can even resources to help you learn the German language, if you desire.

Accepting an Invitation to conversation... Germany offers the unique opportunity to explore what living 500 years after the Reformation means for you in the presence of fascinating history; enhanced by incredible German culture and cuisine. Fellow travelers from a variety of backgrounds  and varying levels of knowledge have embarked on this journey with us. Like an actual journey to Germany with us, here you can explore, have fun, and enjoy at a level you desire until you embark on a journey with us as a fellow traveler.

Invitation to Conversation ideas
...stimulated by ideas


How can events and ideas of 500 years ago continue to exert such a powerful influence today that millions of people around the world consider "Lutheran" to be an indelible part of their identity?

Our invitation to conversation... Germany extends to everyone intrigued by the ongoing relevance of what happened and why in the age of European reformations. At the turn of the sixteenth century, breathtaking global change created an increasingly complex world that demanded of Europeans a reassessment of their place in the cosmos and God's relationship to the natural world. The Reformation stands as historical evidence of that reassessment. We invite you to join us.

Invitation to conversation fellow travelers
...with fellow travelers


Many people have accepted our invitation to conversation... Germany. Resources are available here for considering the special step of traveling to Germany in order to explore what living 500 years after the Reformation means for for you.

Well in advance of departure, fellow travelers submit their applications for a journey to Germany led by Malone Clan Expeditions, LLC. Excitement and anticipation always build along with questions, and perhaps, even a little anxiety. As the reality of traveling to a foreign land approaches, the opportunity to enter into conversation with fellow travelers, explore the details of their journey, as well as get questions answered about travel and their time in Germany are provided in a secure online environment.


...why Coffee?

An invitation to grab a cup of coffee, on some level, means to extend an invitation to conversation. The idea of sharing coffee invokes images of the easy, casual, sometimes heady environment of the local coffee house where an eclectic group of people of diverse background gather for stimulating discussion. All are invited to consider our Invitation to Conversation... Germany.

Martin Luther presented his 95 Theses October 31, 1517 as an invitation to conversation over doctrinal reform. Luther invited a difficult, clamorous, conversation, to be sure, but a conversation nevertheless. Revisiting the increasingly complex world of the sixteenth century from a new perspective offers those willing to join the conversation an opportunity to invite others into a potentially fruitful dialogue even in the midst of our own highly polarized and politicized world of today.

You are invited to join the conversation...

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We offer a wealth of information free to those interested in engaging others in conversation or exploring what being Lutheran means today given the continued relevance of the events and ideas that emerged 500 years ago in the age of European reformations. Some pages on this site, such as the blogs and those reserved for fellow travelers on trips who have accepted an "Invitation to Conversation... Germany," are reserved for our community of members only.